Proprietary Consumer Research Predicts The Impact of Automotive Advertisements On Brand Consideration and Sales

Phoenix Marketing International (PMI) continuously captures and scores the effectiveness of competitive automotive advertising across multiple media channels for all major U.S. brands through a monthly online survey with approximately 4,000 automotive consumers (2,000 Luxury Consumers and 2,000 Non-Luxury Consumers); over 48,000 consumers interviewed annually.

Rich diagnostic information is captured using PMI’s proprietary and category-specific Ad and Brand performance measurement system (AdPi® – Advertising Performance Indicator), which allows for an intuitive comparison and ranking of ads, side-by-side, across campaigns, or versus category norms.

Evaluations are performed among core groups of automotive consumers – Segment Owners and Intenders (0-24 months). AdPi® scores for 140+ television, print, social, out-of-home, and online (display and video) competitive advertisements are provided monthly, including quick turnaround dashboards of the entire automotive landscape.

2016 Luxury Brand Key Findings

The fight for the top performing luxury ad in 2016 was highly competitive.  Unlike 2015, when Mercedes dominated the luxury automotive category, in 2016 no single brand dominated.  For 2016, Japanese and German luxury manufacturers capture the top spots using a variety of themed approaches.  The domestic brands failed to produce any top ads in 2016.  Top ads within the Brand Image category succeeded with particularly strong Cognitive and Empathy scores.  As seen in prior years, common themes utilized among top performing ads focus on Safety, Innovation, and Performance, with some ads building on multiple elements to achieve successful outcomes.  Below are the key insights observed:

  • Performance, safety, and innovation themes continue to drive strong in-market actions
  • Acura succeeds with strong safety messaging and visual demonstrations
  • Audi successfully leverages a celebrity in its performance-oriented ads
  • Mercedes focuses on innovation (a theme known to resonate with luxury consumers)
  • BMW utilizes themes of fun and nostalgia

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