John Hartman Gives Research Presentation at PBIRG Annual Meeting


Join Phoenix Marking International’s John Hartman and Sandy Balkin of Sanofi on Tuesday, the 23rd, as he gives a research presentation, “Constancy and Change in the Diabetes Therapeutic Area: Modeling Patient Outcomes Through Cloud-Based Analytics” at The PBIRG 2017 Annual General Meeting “Gaining The Edge”.


Sandy Balkin, Global Insights and Analytics; John Hartman, Phoenix Marketing International


Our presentation advocates for a cloud-based approach to analytics and insights computing– it can be described as “data democratization”.  In our case, this entails staging large datasets on the cloud and then using R to access and reshape the data. R can also be used to perform all the analytics, visualize the uncovered relationships and even dashboard the critical indicator variables.

We provide a detailed discussion of staging and reshaping, then walk through three research vignettes: one examines the creations of patient typologies based on lab values, demographics, and treatment trajectory, the second vignette examines the drivers of SGLT2 adoption, while a third models A1c outcomes.

Our presentation sketches a path to answering significant research question by accessing and modeling very large data-sets using R.

For more on PBIRG’s event plan and schedule, check out their events page.

We hope to see you there,

The Phoenix Team

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