Phoenix Automotive

The Phoenix Automotive group uses our AdPi Audit to supply predictive response models to automotive ads for entire automotive categories . This practice lets us determine the best communication practices for market segments and the industry as a whole, providing invaluable information for our clients.

In addition, our international, custom research expertise provides us with the ability to apply innovative research techniques to client marketing issues in product development, communication, customer experience, and sales strategies. Our vast experience and extensive databases ensure that recommendations for clients are precise and actionable.

Our clients benefit from understanding the reasoning behind the Phoenix best practice recommendations whether syndicated or custom research. Our database of client-specific advertising and communication norms increases the breadth and depth of our recommendations. And, our Sigma dashboard solution allows clients to conduct real-time analyses on their own behalf.

The ability to deliver quality results fast, combined with our freedom to be both flexible and creative in delivering solutions, is why our automotive clients trust us to deliver the right solutions at the right time.

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Automotive Leadership

Brian Maraone, MBA // President Automotive

Brian is an automotive enthusiast and a seasoned marketing research professional with over a decade...

Brian is an automotive enthusiast and a seasoned marketing research professional with over a decade of experience. He currently manages the Automotive Practice at Phoenix, but possesses both client-side and supplier-side experience, which gives him a great understanding of the perspectives and needs of both sides of the business. As a result, Brian develops and maintains strong relationships with his clients because he can effectively relate to them. Prior to joining Phoenix is 2009, Brian worked for Chrysler as a manager of future product research and conducted research both domestically and internationally. Before that Brian worked for other large, well-known marketing research firms including Synovate and J.D. Power and Associates. Brian has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Michigan State University.

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