Consumer Goods


For many years, Phoenix has provided the insights marketers need to make effective decisions for brand and communications decisions, new product development, customer satisfaction, and operations. Clients benefit from our wealth of flexible, syndicated information. Specifically, Phoenix tracks advertising and brand effectiveness for major consumer brands, both nationally and globally. This gives clients the necessary information to make smart, effective, and financially efficient communications decisions.

The Phoenix AdPi syndication tracks the ad and brand effectiveness of major brands on a regular basis and, our Sigma dashboard solution allows clients to conduct real-time analyses on their own behalf, and to compare results to their own data, national data, or other segments.

We are able to provide industry-specific models and unique, custom analytics because of our rich, historical databases and years of tracking and normative data. They are the foundation of our highly customized approach aimed at helping you make the right communications, brand, product, and customer experience decisions at the right time.


Our response model-based AdPi® (Advertising Performance Indicator) and BrandPi testing methodologies can be applied to...

Our response model-based AdPi® (Advertising Performance Indicator) and BrandPi testing methodologies can be applied to any stage of pre-market testing—Ad testing, Brand Measurement, Concept Testing, Developmental Copy Testing and Late Stage Copy Testing— in order to isolate which concepts, campaigns or individual executions have the greatest potential for in-market success. Models are derived from in-market response data and validated by statistics, delivering greater confidence in the results of pre-market tests, highlighting fundamental strengths and weaknesses via rich diagnostics, and enabling actionable revisions to optimize the creative. In addition, our approach fits within tight production schedules with timelines that are among the fastest in the industry – 8-10 business days from receipt of the final test stimuli.