Phoenix Marketing International clients in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Travel and Leisure, Converged Technology and Media, Automotive, Restaurant and Consumer Goods markets all have one thing in common: they improve their return on investment with our unique, comprehensive, and custom approach to research and marketing.

As one of the largest market research firms in the world, Phoenix offers an unparalleled experience for clients. Our unique ability to provide decision based market research means our predictive models are actionable and keep improving over time. With our predictive models constantly evolving due to an experience based, adaptive learning process, clients continually receive ever-improving value.

Each member of our staff has the ability to make a significant contribution to our clients’ success. Our team is composed of senior people with expertise in marketing and in a specific vertical market. And, because our staff is empowered to make decisions and provide creative solutions, we can move quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today to speak with a senior research professional, experienced in your market, and learn how Phoenix can deliver the right solutions for your unique business’ needs.