mXP: Why did you NOT buy from this dealership?

Mobile Insights Platform mXP reveals the Real Reasons Consumers Leave an Auto Dealership without Buying

mXP finds potential buyers are walking away from dealerships due to poor treatment, dishonesty and lack of information from the sales staff

Detroit, MI – Phoenix Marketing International is connecting with automotive shoppers while they visit a dealership via mobile insights platform mXP (mobile experience). mXP provides marketers with insights quickly, acquiring more than 275,000 responses each day, allowing for accelerated delivery of decision-making information and answers to business-critical questions.

The newest product offering of mXP is AutoShopperXP©. It was designed to capture “in-the-moment” feedback and insights specifically from automotive shoppers who visit a dealership. In recent data collected among the general population it was revealed that nearly 50% of consumers were in-market and conducting some level of vehicle shopping activities including dealership visits. This represents a significant opportunity for OEM’s to target potential buyers and more importantly to convert every dealership visit into a sales opportunity.

Results from the most recent mXP micro-study found that potential buyers are walking away from dealerships for a variety of reasons. What’s revealing is the specific behavior of the sales staff are driving some consumers away.

When asked “Why did you NOT buy from this dealership?” most indicated the typical price or inventory/product reasons (65%). However, the more interesting insights uncovered were those that indicated some level of poor treatment (32%), dishonesty (18%) and lack of knowledge from the sales staff (18%) from the dealership they visited as a reason they decided not to buy.

“These types of insights can be invaluable knowledge for an OEM and dealership because it enables them to address specific issues at the front line,” said Brian Maraone, Vice President, Automotive, Phoenix Marketing International. “AutoShopperXP© also allows for re-engagement of consumers to probe deeper into specific reasoning and use those insights to further hone in and generate stronger actionability across various consumer touch points.”

With 225,000+ consumers checking into an auto dealership each month nationwide, there is an incredible opportunity to tap into an unmet need OEMs and dealerships have, to better understand why a consumer chooses not to purchase/lease. Until now, there has been no other consumer engagement tool successfully tapping into defection/rejection of consumers from a dealership in real-time. The ability to receive instantaneous feedback from consumers means that actions can be taken to correct issues before they spiral out of control both at the individual/consumer level and the dealership level.

This innovative “in-the-moment” approach is challenging traditional research by capturing real-time feedback while the experience is still fresh and relevant in the shopper’s memory. “The mXP consumer network provides real-time access to consumers at their point and time of experience and also allows clients to direct marketing programs to the segment of one,” comments Al DeCotiis, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Marketing International. This allows for immediate access to consumer responses “on the fly” and allows clients to address easy fixes quickly, while providing key insights for longer-term planning and strategy development.

The mXP team has collected other data points on the shopping experience and encourage auto manufacturers and dealers to reach out to learn more about the new AutoShopperXP© product offering. To learn more, please visit:

About mXP

mXP is a suite of mobile products that include Phoenix’s best-in-class market research methods, vertical industry expertise, and advanced analytics.  mXP products provide access to an extensive network of on-the-go consumers, sourced from 100+ million mobile device users and among a coalition of 1,500 integrated mobile apps. mXP provides marketers with insights quickly, acquiring more than 275,000 responses each day, allowing for accelerated delivery of decision-making information and answers to business critical questions.

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