Phoenix Marketing International works as a team to deliver superior client value.

Phoenix Marketing International helps clients improve their Brand and Communications, create and refine the products and services that they deliver, and optimize the Customer Experience driven by those commitments.

The needs of our clients direct what we do. We are technology and methodology agnostic. We recommend to our clients only those activities that will enable them to achieve their business goals.

Research is reborn every day at Phoenix, always pushing the Industry by developing and applying new approaches, tools and techniques – resulting in faster, more disruptive insights.

We continuously…

  • Utilize our unique offerings and deep industry expertise to deliver consultative, impactful insights to guide confident decision-making.
  • Have enormous amounts of existing marketing data to put to work for you.
  • Design studies, the results of which, when implemented by you, enable differentiation of your brand, products and services.
  • Develop and apply new approaches, tools and techniques which enable the delivery of faster, more disruptive insights.
  • Build unique and proprietary shared databases for benchmarking.
  • Solve complex problems by creatively utilizing analytics and modeling.

That, alongside of our culture defines the Phoenix advantage,

which has made us one of the world’s top marketing research and consulting organizations.

Leadership team

Allen R. DeCotiis, Ph.D.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Martha Rea

President and Chief Research Officer

Scott A. Spry, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Sanford M. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Advisor to the Chairman

Elizabeth L. Trachte, MA

EVP, Financial Operations

Heather Still

EVP Human Resources and Chief Privacy Officer

Steve Wolf

Chief Client and Marketing Officer

Andrew Grant

Head of Europe Operations

Pritica Hogg

Regional Managing Director - Asia Pacific

Brian Maraone, MBA


Jaime Hodges

Communications and Brand

Leslie Martin

Customer Experience

Mark Willard

Customer Experience

Neal Chambliss

Financial Services / Innovation & Analytics

Anne-Marie Duffy

Financial Services / Communications & Brand

Andrew Scott


Steve Wakefield


Edye Twer


Lane H. Mann, MBA


Bill McCracken

Synergistics Syndicated Financial Reports

John Schiela, MBA


John Antonello

Travel & Leisure / CPG / Multicultural

Rich Frazita


David M. Thompson

Affluent & Wealth

Genie Driskill

Synergistics Syndicated Financial Reports


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