Phoenix Marketing International has conducted passenger surveys at more than 250 airports in a total of twelve languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish).

The Principals of Phoenix Marketing International’s Airport Research Practice are industry leaders in understanding the air travelers’ experience, having conducted surveys that focus on various points of an air passenger’s trip for over 20 years.  Phoenix Marketing International adds to this broad industry knowledge an understanding of how data on passenger satisfaction interacts with other performance measures to describe the performance of the aviation system as a whole, and how airport management can use that understanding to improve service and public confidence.

Perhaps equally important, our team has expertise in implementing large-scale, complex surveys, including airport intercept surveys.  We emphasize a thoroughly planned and tested, statistically rigorous administration methodology that burdens prospective respondents as little as possible.

Phoenix Marketing International creates customized Passenger/Customer Service Surveys for each airport we work with.  Before finalizing the survey we gather feedback regarding question selection from internal and external stakeholders as requested.  Phoenix Marketing International has learned a lot about asking questions for an airport environment and we offer each client the ability to leverage this industry expertise.

Airport Benchmarking

Historically when we have presented Passenger Satisfaction results to Airport Commissioners/Board of Directors and Aviation Authority Executive Staff they would inevitably ask how they compare to other airports.  Since many airports are interested in benchmarking themselves against other airports we offer competitive benchmarking reports to our client airports to show how they perform versus other airports on Overall Passenger Satisfaction with the Airport as a whole as well as Overall Satisfaction on other key topics including: Getting to the Terminal, Checking In, Service at the Security Checkpoint, Food and Beverage, Retail, Terminal Facilities and the Gate Area.

Passenger Focus Groups

Our team conducts focus groups with passengers to help organizations better understand the needs and wants of business and leisure passengers.  Further segmentation may include targeted audiences such as frequent travelers, international travelers, passengers traveling with children and passengers traveling with elderly family members.  Topics have included new products and services, airport apps, airport amenities, airport wayfinding, terminal redesign (both landside and airside), concessions (food and beverage and retail), parking service offerings, children’s offerings (e.g., play areas, exhibits), lounges, baggage delivery and brainstorming revenue generating ideas.  Depending upon your needs we conduct focus groups at nearby focus group facilities with your local passengers, onsite with departing passengers (including conducting focus groups in-language with international passengers) and online with connecting passengers.

Passenger Satisfaction Surveys

As the old saying goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”.  It is an old management adage that is still accurate today.  In other words, unless you measure something you don’t know if it is getting better or worse.  Since the formation of the Airport Research Practice in 2004, Phoenix Marketing International has been continually conducting Passenger Satisfaction Tracking studies for airports to help them understand what they are/are not performing well at.  Our team gathers survey data with departing and/or arriving passengers onsite at airports throughout the year.  We analyze the data to understand what the key drivers of satisfaction are at their airport so we can inform our client airports what they need to focus on.  PLEASE NOTE: Just because an airport has a low satisfaction rating on a particular item(s) does not mean it should get focused attention because improving satisfaction on some items may have minimal or no impact on overall passenger satisfaction.

Terminal Redesign

Concessions Research

Phoenix Marketing International’s Airport Research Practice has gathered passenger input regarding experiences of approximately 300 airports online and has conducted custom quantitative research projects onsite at airports with departing passengers in gate hold areas, arriving passengers in baggage claim/curbside while waiting for ground transportation/while riding airport shuttle buses, passengers who have just cleared security, passengers who visited a particular concession(s), international travelers in the FIS area and well wishers/meeters and greeters on a variety of topics including:

Airport Best In Class Research
Airport Branding
Concessions Research
Economic Impact
License Plate Analysis
Marketing Segmentation
New Concept Research
Parking Satisfaction and Pricing
Passenger Satisfaction Tracking Research
Quieter Home Program Satisfaction Research
Tenant Satisfaction Research
TSA Satisfaction Research
Wayfinding Research
Wi-Fi Satisfaction Research

For more information please contact Scott Ludwigsen, Executive Vice President, Airport Research Practice at or 732 563-8503.