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Phoenix Marketing International Announces Partnership with Direct Choice to Offer Holistic CX Improvement Services

Oct 5, 2017

New TravelClick Study and Data Project 2017 as a Record Year for GDS Hotel Bookings

Media Mention / Sep 20, 2017

So this is what everyone is doing on their mobile

Media Mention / Sep 11, 2017

Interactive Map: Millionaires By State Ranking 2016

Feb 3, 2017

Mobile Posse & Phoenix Team Up for New Research About the Mobile User

Sept 6, 2017

Clinton National Airport installs new gate seating with power outlets

Media Mention / August 17, 2017

Phoenix Marketing International Welcomes Experienced Global Leader to the Team

Sept 3, 2017

5 Things You Didn’t Know About America’s Millionaires

Media Mention / Aug 15, 2017

Mobile Posse study seeks to quantify mobile user engagement

Media Mention / Jul 10, 2017

Financial Advisor Performance Data Is Biased, Many Investors Say

Media Mention / June 23, 2017

Report: Clients Don’t Trust Advisors

Media Mention / June 23, 2017

Investors Still Don’t Trust Their Advisors

Media Mention / June 22, 2017

Maryland, Connecticut Produce Most Millionaires Per Capita

Media Mention / Mar 17, 2017

Phoenix’s Channel Tournament Reveals Streaming Service Most Popular, Traditional Networks Still in High Demand

Aug 3, 2017

New Study Shows Investors Question Performance Data From Advisors and 401(k) Plan Providers

Jun 14, 2017

Phoenix Study Finds Over Half of Adults 18-64 Feel Major News Organizations Produce both Real and Fake News

Jun 26, 2017

New Study Shows Investors Question Performance Data From Advisors and 401(k) Plan Providers

Jun 2017

Phoenix Marketing International Ranks 34th in the AMA Gold Top 50 Report

Jun 9, 2017

State of U.S. Wealth: More Millionaires, Bigger Wealth Divide, Finds Phoenix

Feb 2017

Small Businesses: Still Banking on Branches

Sep 28, 2016

Bob Ferguson Joins Phoenix as Executive Vice President

Sep 27, 2016

Premium Card Market – The Heat Is On

Sep 19, 2016

CollegeXP Reveals That University Students Already Own or Plan to Buy Fitness Trackers

Sep 13, 2016

Phoenix Marketing International’s AirportXP Reveals Best Airports in the Country for Accessability

Jul 19, 2016

Phoenix to Acquire SYNERGISTICS Research Corporation

Jul 19, 2016

Phoenix Marketing International is Recognized by the 2016 AMA Gold Top 50 Report for the 12th Consecutive Year

Jun 13, 2016

Who’s Winning the Third-Party Wallet Race; New Report Examines Adoption of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay

May 2016

PMI’s Automotive Division Uncovers Advertising Techniques that Resonate with Younger Automotive Consumers

May 2016

Phoenix Marketing International Teams Up With TextureMedia to Release The Annual TextureTrends Report 2016

May 17, 2016

Data on Affluent Millennial Investors Reveals Bank Advisors Missing Opportunities

May 17, 2016

New Data Reveals Credit Card Rewards Program Popularity Remains High As Consumers Cite Value & Easy Redemption

May 16, 2016

New Research Reveals Wearable Tech Industry Set for Massive Expansion

May 2016

Phoenix Marketing International’s RestaurantXP Showcases Top Performing Quick Service Restaurants

May 10, 2016

David Thompson to Present at the ABA’s 2016 Trust & Wealth Executive Seminar

May 4, 2016

Phoenix Marketing International Releases 2016 Hotel SCORES Study;

May 2016

Phoenix’s David Thompson to Present at ABA’s 2016 Trust & Wealth Executive Seminar: Active Wealth Millennials

May 2, 2016

Join Us & Learn: Locating Unmet Needs in Wearable Technology Health Trackers

Apr 28, 2016

Phoenix Marketing International Uncovers What Affluent Voters Are Thinking About The Presidential Candidates

Apr 28, 2016

Phoenix Sterling to sponsor the AMA of Tampa Bay’s April luncheon on ‘IKEA’s Approach to Customer Centricity.’

Apr 21, 2016

New mXP Research Reveals Americans are Gearing up for Savings this Tax Season

Apr 12, 2016

Phoenix Study Reveals 13% of Americans Regularly Use Urgent Care Clinics And Prefer Over Family Doctor

Apr 11, 2016

Phoenix Marketing International’s AirportXP Reveals Highest Rated Airports in the Country

Apr 11, 2016

Phoenix Acquires Sterling Research Group

Mar 10, 2016

New Study Reveals Affluent Women Working with Financial Advisors have Higher Levels of Overall Wealth

Mar 2016

Women of Childbearing Age are No More Concerned about Zika Virus than Men

Mar 7, 2016

New mXP Research Reveals Valentine’s Day Gift Expectations Don’t Match the Reality

Feb 10, 2016

New Study Reveals the Challenges Private Label Painkillers Pose to Brand Owners in the UK Analgesics Market

Feb 2016

mXP Study Reveals More People Enjoy Watching Super Bowl Commercials than the Game Itself

Feb 1, 2016

AirportXP Announces the Best and Worst Airports for Food and Beverage

Jan 26, 2016

The Volkswagen Recall Scandal has had a Greater Negative Impact than GM’s Ignition Switch Recall Scandal

Jan 26, 2016

Phoenix Marketing International’s Global Wealth Monitor Reveals Millionaires By State Rankings

Jan 9, 2016

mXP Reveals Diet and Exercise and Money Management Are Top Picks for 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 13, 2016

Phoenix Marketing International Quantifies the Impact of In-App Credit Card Purchases for Apple Pay

Jan 11, 2016

AirportXP Uncovers U.S. Airports with the Highest and Lowest Satisfaction Levels for Security Checkpoints

Dec 21, 2015

Research From Phoenix’s mXP Reveals Majority of Americans Will Give Less Than $50 To Charity This Holiday Season

Dec 21, 2015

Programmatic Research: Real-Time Consumer Insights at Scale that You Can Take Action on Now

Dec 15, 2016

New Study Reveals Popularity of Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers on this Year’s Holiday Shopping Lists

Dec 8, 2015

mXP Survey Reveals that Saving Money Trumps Brand Loyalty with Younger Consumers on Black Friday

Nov 25, 2015

Trusting Self-driving Cars and Trust in Auto Manufacturers in Light of Recent Scandals are Equal

Nov 10, 2015

New Study from Mobile Insights, AirportXP, Reveals New York Airports Not Always at Bottom of Traveler Satisfaction List

Nov 2, 2015

mXP Survey Shows Oprah’s Involvement With Weight Watchers Not Bulking Up Consumer Likelihood to Join

Oct 29, 2015

Phoenix Marketing International Releases New Data Revealing the Ongoing Challenges Surrounding Apple Pay

Nov 27, 2015

Brian Maraone Appointed To President of Automotive Division At Phoenix Marketing International

OCT 26, 2015

mXP: In which of the following scenarios would you be likely to use your smartphone for mobile payments?

Oct 14, 2015

Phoenix’s mXP Platform Reveals the Premiering Fall Drama Hits

Oct 6, 2015

Phoenix Marketing International Reveals That Mobile Banking Activity Has Quadrupled Over the Past Five Years

Oct 5, 2015

mXP: Which brand of contact lens do you use primarily, if any?

Sep 20, 2015

mXP: Why did you NOT buy from this dealership?

Sep 24, 2015

Phoenix to Reveal New Mobile Product at TMRE

Nov 2-4, 2015

Affluent Investors Unfazed by Recent Stock Market Volatility

Sep 2015

Mobile insights platform, mXP, reveals that 12% of Android users are considering a switch to Apple upon the release of iPhone6S/7

Sep 10, 2015

SessionM and Phoenix Marketing International Partner Together to Connect Consumers & Businesses with Real Time CX

June 10, 2015

It’s The “Active Wealth” Millennials Who Are Adopting The New Wealth Management Tools

May 2015

2015 US Hotel SCORES™ Meeting Planners Study

May 14, 2015

Fewer Than 40% Of UK Residents Age 55+ Are Financially Ready For Retirement

April 21, 2015

Apple Pay Performance: The First Four Months

March 31, 2015

Infegy and Phoenix Marketing International Release “The Impact of Automotive Recalls on Consumer Opinion” Report

March 25, 2015

Phoenix Marketing International Releases Data on the Misunderstood and Untapped, But Viable and Lucrative mP2P Consumer

March 18, 2015

After Disneyland Measles Outbreak, New Research Shows Proper Dissemination Of Information May Curb Anti-Vaccine Movement

March 17, 2015

Fidelity and Vanguard Top “Short List” Of Providers Considered By Affluent Investors For Insurance & Investment Retirement Products

March 16, 2015

New Automotive Research Shows Drivers Are Only Slightly Affected by the Decline in Gasoline Prices

March 11, 2015

Will More Digital Make Banking Better and Make the Personal Banker Obsolete?

March 19, 2015

Context is King: Predicting Ad Performance in the Real-Time Competitive Landscape

Mar 2, 2015

Nationwide’s Football Season Starts and Ends With Advertising Fumbles

February 4, 2015

Phoenix Marketing International Announces 2014 Millionaires By State Ranking

Jan 21, 2015

Last Year In North America More Travelers Stayed at a Best Western Than Any Other Hotel Brand

Jan 2015

The “Fall 2014 Short List” Of Investment Managers Most Likely To Be Recommended By Financial Advisors To Their Clients

January 15, 2015

Canadian and U.S. Retail Bank Advertising Are Equally Effective With Invoking A Market Response, But For Different Reasons

January 6, 2015

Top Criteria Expected by Investment Manager Before Financial Advisors Recommend a Firm to Their Clients

December 1, 2014

When It Comes To Luxury Car Advertising, Mercedes Benz Leads the Pack

Nov 15, 2014

Unprecedented Amount of Automotive Recalls Negatively Impacting Consumer Perception of Vehicle Safety and Brands

October 28, 2014

Phoenix Marketing International Reveals the Consumer Hurdles Ahead for Apple Pay

October 22, 2014

Uber, Lyft and Car Sharing Services Such as ZipCar and Cars2Go Impact Plans to Purchase a New Vehicle

October 21, 2014

Millennial Investors Want A Selective Relationship With Financial Advisors

September 22, 2014

The Leading and Lagging Advertisers In The New Wireless & Digital Home Ecosystem Audit

September 19, 2014

Phoenix Study Reveals the Importance of Opinion Leaders to Credit Card Marketers

September 16, 2014

Phoenix Marketing International Introduces Virtual Rep

July 16, 2014

Phoenix Marketing International and Small Business Research Center Announce New Partnership

July 15, 2014

Phoenix Introduces New Advertising Performance Index Models and Reveals April Auto Insights Data

May 19, 2014

Phoenix Uncovers Four Keys to Advertising that Successfully Drives Responses from Financial Advisors

May 6, 2014

Affluent Female Investors Have Recently “Gotten Back Into The Game”

May 5, 2014

Consumers Think More Should Be Done to Protect Their Credit Card Security

May 1, 2014

Phoenix’s Study Reveals Title of Most Preferred Frequent Guest Program in the World

April 28, 2014

Phoenix Marketing International Online Travel Audit Reveals The Top Ads In The Online Travel Industry

April 17, 2014

Phoenix Marketing International Launches Journal AdPi®

April 9, 2014

PMI Selects MarketSight’s Survey Analysis Software to Support the Phoenix Sigma Client Dashboard Platform

April 7, 2014

Online Travel Audit Reveals How Business and Leisure Travelers Are Using Online Travel Ecommerce Sites

April 2, 2014

Affluent Investors Show Continued Divergence In the Level of Anticipated Investment Activity Between Male and Female Investors

March 13, 2014

Luxury SUV and Non-Luxury Car Consumers Continue to Lead in Alternative Fuel Vehicle Consideration

March 12, 2014

As the ObamaCare Open Enrollment Deadline Looms, Research Shows Continued Lack of Awareness

March 11, 2014

Upstate New York Casinos have the Lowest Average Daily Gaming Budget

May 10, 2014

The “Short List” Of Brands Recommended By Financial Advisors In 2013

February 26, 2014

Next to Local Casinos, New Jersey Casinos Visited Most Frequently

Feb 6, 2014

Join Us and Learn: How to Optimize Your Players Club Program

February 5, 2014

Big Gainers and Losers in Millionaire Ranking for 2013

January 21, 2014

Casino Players Club Programs Becoming More Sophisticated

Jan 16, 2014

Hotel SCORES™ Report: Online Travel Agencies (OTA): Friend or Foe?

December 9, 2013

Mobile Posse & Phoenix Marketing International Issue First Comprehensive Guide to the Mobile Home Screen

Dec 3, 2013

Social Buzz Report: BMW and Toyota Top Chevrolet with Online Discussions

Nov 13, 2013

Recent Study Finds Marriott Leads Share of Room Nights in U.S – Takes Top Spot from Best Western

November 5, 2013

Recent Study Shows Hotel Companies Missing Marketing Opportunity with Mobile Apps

October 22, 2013

Texture Spotlight: Purchasing Behavior Varies Dramatically By Hair Texture

Oct 1, 2013

Univision and Phoenix Marketing International Reveal Hispanic Attitudes on Affordable Care Act

September 30, 2013

PIN is Preferred Method of Authentication for Mobile Wallets

September 25, 2013

"Research Reborn" Initiative Unveils New Analytics Tools & Increased Industry Coverage

September 10, 2013

New Insights on Willingness Among ACOs to Work with Pharma Companies as they Establish Themselves

Aug 27, 2013

Audi, Ford, Infiniti, Mercedes Top Recent Automotive Advertising and Social Media Rankings

July 23, 2013

Game of Cards: Win the Top-of-Wallet Position or Scramble for the Crumbs

Jul 1, 2013


May 14, 2013


Apr 18, 2013


Apr 11, 2013


Apr 11, 2013


Apr 3, 2013


March 27, 2013


Jan 31, 2013


Jan 2013


Jan 24, 2013


January 16, 2013


Phoenix to Sponsor the 2018 Media Insights & Engagement Conference

February 6-8, 2018

Phoenix’s John Schiela to Co-Present with Comcast at Corporate Research Conference

Presentation on Oct 18, 2017

Phoenix to Sponsor The Quirks Event in 2018

Event takes place Feb 27-28, 2018

John Hartman Gives Research Presentation at PBIRG Annual Meeting

Event takes place May 23, 2017

Phoenix to sponsor 2017 Media Insights & Engagement Conference

Event takes place January 31-Feb 2, 2017

Phoenix to Sponsor The Quirks Event in 2017

Event takes place on February 28- March 1 in Orange County, CA and March 21-22, 2017 in Brooklyn, NY

Phoenix Healthcare to speak at 2016 PMRG Research RoundTable

Event takes place October 25, 2016

Phoenix Healthcare team to attend the 2016 annual EphMRA conference at the Kap Europa

Event takes place June 21-23, 2016

Phoenix to sponsor 2016 Cynopsis Sports Business Summit

Event takes place June 23, 2016

Phoenix CX to exhibit at the 2016 International Town Hall of Tampa Bay Market

Event takes place May 6, 2016

Phoenix to Present at MRA 2016 NY/Philadelphia: Locating Unmet Needs in Wearable Technology Health Trackers

Event takes place April 13, 2016

Join Us & Learn: How Consumers Make In-Store Decisions for Health and Personal Care Brands

Event takes place May 18, 2016

Phoenix’s John Schiela to speak at Philadelphia’s MRA Lunch & Learn

Event takes place December 15, 2014

Join Us & Learn: Active Wealth Millennials – What You Need To Know To Reach and Retain Dynamic Investors

Event takes place November 19, 2014

The Quirks Event – February 23 – 24, 2015

Event takes place February 23-24, 2017

Phoenix’s Leon Majors to Speak at BAI Retail Delivery 2014

Event takes place November 14, 2015

Join Us & Learn: Active Wealth Millennials – What You Need To Know To Reach and Retain These Dynamic Investors

Event takes place October 8, 2014

The Market Research Event – October 20-22, 2014, Boca Raton, FL

Event takes place October 20-22, 2014

Join Us & Learn: Best Practices in Broker Targeted Advertising Webinar

Event takes place September 24, 2013

Phoenix Marketing International at the Market Research Event

Event takes place October 21-23, 2013


Digital (Bulletin Boards, Depths, Communities, Journaling, Virtual Ethnos, Geofencing, Missions)

Respondents participate in sessions or record/upload content of all types, “real-time”, anywhere, anytime or over-time

Traditional Focus Groups, Mini Groups, Triads, Dyads (Face-to-Face, Phone, Webcam)

Moderated discussions of all sizes to explore perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or package

Ethnography (Observation, In-situ)

Understand the respondent in the environment in which a particular product or service is used

In-depth interviews (Face-to-Face, Phone, Webcam)

Moderated, unstructured interview to explore perceptions, beliefs, opinions and attitudes toward a product, service, concept, ad, idea, or package

Iterative Development Processes

Identify and refine underlying message constructs, prior to creative development for concepts, products, packaging, logos, and more


Understand the emotional roles that brands fulfill in people’s lives and how to connect your brand/product to consumer’s unfulfilled needs

Shopper Behavior and Foot-fall Monitoring

Understand how decisions are made at the shelf as well as the consumer pathway to the shelf

Sales Simulations

Role-play simulation using customers and salespeople to test early stage sales material design and content

Ideation and Concept Writing Workshops

Generate, develop and communicate new ideas in ideation sessions. Develop more effective positioning statements, concept/storyboards in concept writing workshops, prior to quantitative testing

Perception Analyzer

Provides digital or in-person moment-to-moment ratings of stimuli


Measuring physical responses to stimuli via facial coding, eye tracking or galvanic skin response, then probing deeply. Can enable the collation of conscious and nonconscious information

Multicultural specialization

In the US, research conducted with African-American, Hispanic (both acculturated and unacculturated) and Asian populations


W&AM Insights: Affluent Investors Became More Cautious

Sep 2017

W&AM: Economic Outlook Increases Moderately in Late June

Jul 2017

W&AM Insights: Economic outlook declines sharply in May, especially among Mass Affluent

Jun 2017

W&AM Insights: HNW investors were more upbeat on the economic and investment climate

May 2017

W&AM Insights: Mass Affluent economic confidence soars in early April 2017

Apr 28, 2017

W&AM Insights: Investors becoming more cautious following the end-year surge in optimism

Mar 2017

W&AM Insights: Economic optimism reached a new high among the wealthiest investors.

Feb 2017

Phoenix HC Infobite: Birth Control and the ACA

Jan 2017

W&AM Insights: Post-election investor optimism skyrocketed in December

Jan 2017

Phoenix HC Infobite: Tips to improve response rates through the holidays

Dec 2016

GWM Insights: Economic optimism declined in September from August highs; investing outlook was more cautious

Oct 2016

Phoenix HC InfoBite: Patients follow 2nd FDA approval of a biosimilar product to treat Autoimmune conditions

Oct 2016

GWM Insights: Economic Optimism Index reached a six-month high in August

Sep 2016

Phoenix HC Infobite: RA patients who are aware of Vectra DA

Sep 2016

GWM August Newsletter: Economic Optimism Index declined in July among both key investor segments

Aug 2016

GWM Insights: 2016 Economic & Investment Sentiment Summary

Jul 2016

Phoenix HC InfoBite: Convenient Care Clinics

Jul 2016

GWM Insights: Importance of Issues for Presidential Election

Jun 2016

Phoenix HC InfoBite: Considerations of International Healthcare Research

Jun 2016

GWM Insights: 2016 Economic & Investment Sentiment Summary

May 2016

GWM Insights: Economic and Investing Optimism Continues to Increase in March

Apr 2016

Phoenix HC Infobite: Research on Rating Scale Use and Reliability

Mar 2016

GWM Insights: Advisors & Market Volatility: Jan. 2016 Vs. Sep. 2015

Mar 2016

Phoenix HC Infobite: Utilization of Refill Reminder Texts and Mobile Apps Rising Slowly

Mar 2016

GWM Insights: Mass Affluent Were Bearish on Economy; Pulling Back on New Investing Heading Into 2016

Feb 2016

Phoenix HC Insights: Visits to retail pharmacy clinics are driven mainly by those younger than 44 years old

Jan 2016

GWM Insights: Affluent Investor Sentiment Rebounds In October

Dec 2015

Phoenix HC Infobite: OTC Medication Loyalty Is Soft

Dec 2, 2015

Phoenix HC Infobite: The Adoption of Health Technology

Oct 2015

GWM Insights: Affluent Investor Sentiment Plunges In September

Oct 2015

August Auto Insights: Mercedes captures the top spot in both segments

Sep 2015

Affluent Investors Unfazed by Recent Stock Market Volatility

Sep 2015

Phoenix HC Insights: The New Healthcare Consumer

Sep 2015

GWM Insights: Mass Affluent Investor Sentiment Rebounds in July

Aug 2015

July Auto Insights: Top ads contain strong focus on performance

Aug 2015

HC Insights: Contrary to conventional wisdom, ‘likeability’ of pharmaceutical ads is on par with other marketplaces

Jul 2015

GWM Insights: Mass Affluent Economic Optimism Continues to Decline; HNW Investors Also More Pessimistic

Jul 2015

June Auto Insights: BMW and Infiniti with top ads

Jul 15, 2015

June GWM: Investor Sentiment Approaching Mid-Year 2015: Mass Affluent Increasingly Cautious

Jun 2015

Healthcare Insights: When it comes to product satisfaction levels, no two medical specialties are the same.

Jun 2015

May Auto Insights: Volvo takes the top spot in the Luxury SUV/CUV category

June 2015

GWM Insights: Investors More Cautious Heading Into Q2 2015

May 2015

It’s The “Active Wealth” Millennials Who Are Adopting The New Wealth Management Tools

May 2015

May FS Insights: Robo-Advisors Work to Win Over Investors

May 2015

Healthcare Insights: What is the right recipe for the most effective journal ad?

May 2015

April Auto Insights: Lexus Joins Mercedes with Top Ads in April

May 2015

Join Us for Breakfast & a Discussion on Active Wealth Millennials

June 3, 2015

GWM April Insights: Economic sentiment remains strong in March

Apr 2015

Healthcare Insights: There is no such thing as an “average” patient

Apr 2015

March Auto Insights: Top Mercedes and Infiniti Luxury Ads Have Strong, Engaging Storylines

Apr 2015

March GWM Insights: Economic sentiment dips in February, Affluent households embrace technology

Apr 2015

Introducing Healthcare Insights

Mar 2015

February FS Insights: Chase and Charles Schwab with top ads, sponsorship & brand impression & more

Mar 2015

February Auto Insights: Mercedes dominates both the luxury car and luxury SUV/CUV segments

Mar 2015

February GWM Insights: Affluent Investor Sentiment Extremely Bullish Heading Into 2015

Feb 2015

Auto Insights: 2015 Super Bowl

Feb 2015

Jaguar and Infiniti with Top Luxury Ads in January

Feb 2015

December Auto Insights: Mercedes dominates both the Luxury Car and the Luxury SUV/CUV segments

Jan 2015

November Auto Insights: Top Ads Use Vehicle Demonstrations to Enhance Ad Relatability

Dec 2014

Phoenix Financial Services Insights – December Newsletter

Dec 2014

October Auto Insights: Ads that demonstrate safety features make a strong connection with consumers

Nov 2014

September Auto Insights: Subaru and Infiniti with Top Ads

Oct 2014

August Auto Insights: Safety is the overarching theme among both top performing ads

Sep 2014

June Auto Insights: Ford and Mercedes with Top Ads

Jul 2014

Subaru and Mercedes With Top Ads in May, According to Phoenix Marketing International’s Auto Insights Report

Jun 2014

March Auto Insights: Chevrolet and BMW With Top Ads

Apr 2014

February Auto Insights: GM brands Buick and Cadillac take top spots in their respective segments

Mar 2014

January Auto Insights: Porsche’s Panamera Hybrid Ad Takes The Top Luxury Spot in January

Feb 2014

December Auto Insights: Top Ads Once Again Emphasize PERFORMANCE and INNOVATION

Jan 2014

November Social Buzz Report: Ford Expanded its Lead in Overall Online Discussions

Dec 2013

November Auto Insights: Top Ads with Performance and Innovation Drivers

Dec 2013

Financial Insights: The Top 7 Most Important Brand Characteristics Perceived By Active Traders

Nov 11, 2013

October Auto Insights: Honda and Audi with Top Ads

Nov 2013

Social Buzz Report: Discussions of Quality and Performance Were Strongest Among Ford, Nissan, BMW

Oct 2013

Affluent Investors Report No Change in Planned Investment Through 2013

Oct 2013

September Auto Insights

Oct 2013

Phoenix Automotive Social Buzz Report – August Edition

Sep 2013


Sep 2013

Phoenix Automotive Social Buzz Report – July Edition

Aug 2013


Apr 2013


Apr 2013


Mar 2013


Jan 2013

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