The First Cost-Effective Way to Reach Unacculturated Hispanic Respondents

Rhinebeck, NY – (January, 24 2013) – Between 2000 and 2010, the U.S. Hispanic population accounted for more than half of the nation’s 9.7 percent growth rate. Given the diversity of country of origin, a wide range of acculturation levels, a higher overall rate of mobility and higher rate of cord cutting; many research professionals simply aren’t sure how to accurately and cost effectively capture the attitudes and behaviors of this key market segment.

Enter: Hispanics On-The-Move™ – Phoenix’s cost-effective, innovative, and decidedly-relevant tool that offers you custom, in-language insights into a multitude of sub-segments within the Hispanic population. This methodology even provides you with discrimination by level of acculturation (as determined by Phoenix’s proprietary Acculturation Model) not available elsewhere — quickly, reliably, and all for much less than using traditional research methods.

Hispanics-On-The-Move, blends specially built Hispanic on-line panels with a panel of known Hispanic reading/speaking mobile phone users to quantitatively capture the thoughts of this challenging-to-reach segment.

Using the mobile-access platform, you’ll have access to more than 10 million mobile phones across the US, including access to less-acculturated individuals, and infrequent/non-Internet users.

Our online platform provides you with access to vetted, opted-in pool of respondents who include those who are more highly-acculturated. You can conduct longer, more complex surveys, including those with video, visual stimuli, and/or open-ended questions … and allow each respondent to decide whether to participate In-Language or in English.

Segment by age … gender … level of acculturation … or any combination of variables you desire. Depending upon your budget, your research objectives, and the specific sub-groups of Hispanics you would like to assess, or experience team will determine whether we use one or both platforms to reach your targeted Hispanic audience. Available price points include single purchase of a few questions, multiple weeks/multiple questions, and/or customized runs.

As the CEO of Phoenix Marketing International Al DeCotiis explains, “We at Phoenix are always looking for ways to provide our clients with fresh insights and an edge over their competitors. So we’re extremely excited about rolling out Hispanics-On-The-Move. This new approach enables us to reach all levels of acculturations; even the highly transient non-internet enabled pre-paid phone users; all within a quick turn around and economically effective platform.”

At Phoenix Marketing International, we value fresh ideas, and we continue to challenge the traditional marketing research paradigm every day. Our professional staff encompasses researchers across the US and Europe who possess the knowledge, creativity, and expertise – within the research arena and within your market space – to design on-target research initiatives that yield the insights that matter to you. So you can focus on what matters: Designing product and program concepts that will inspire your customers – and lift your ROI and your bottom line.

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