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We have a trove of stories reflecting our use of innovative research techniques, and creative study designs, which, when coupled with market understanding deliver great outcomes for our clients.

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Our solutions Communications & Brand, Customer Experience, and Innovation & Analytics enable you to set differentiating customer expectations, understand how you are delivering against those expectations and understand how to win in the marketplace.

Organizational Readiness

Using Process Mapping to Align the Business

Transactional CX

Enabling a CX Focus From Front Line to C-suite

Relationship Surveys

A Strategic View Leads to the Right Priorities

Journey Mapping

Understand the Journey to Improve Effectiveness

Lost Sales

Identifying Potential Defectors Closes Back Door

ROI Analysis/Customer Journey

Modeling Proves Return On CX Investment

Brand Health

On-going intelligence on brand performance

Product / Service Innovation

Predicting real world success for online sales

Customer Experience

Understanding the Mobile Journey through creative analytics

Concept / Product Development

Taking a consumer tech product into the professional market

Sponsorship Study

Rapid turn-around evaluates sponsorship value

Attitude and Usage / Market Landscape

Identify key attributes of TV networks

Customer Experience / Satisfaction

Retail testing to improve toy sales

Program Testing

Program Testing for Selecting Pilots

Patient Journey

Landscape survey for OTC product identifies share loss points

Attitude and Usage / Market Landscape

Clinical materials on product efficacy significantly increased product interest

Loyalty & Satisfaction

Targeting increases purchase of guide leisure tours

Attitude and Usage / Market Landscape

Telephone interviews with decision-makers in emerging market yields differentiated bank positioning

Customer Experience / Satisfaction

Improved ATM signage leads to better customer experience

Customer Experience

Qualitative research helped a bank align service with expectations for premium-level customers

Attitude & Usage / Market Diagnostics

SWOT analysis identified product improvements, created product bundles, and targeted key competitors’ small business customers

Target Marketing

Research informs cross-selling strategies for short-term and longer-term sales

Concept / Product Development

Determining the potential for success of a new restaurant design

Customer Segmentation / Targeting

Mixed methodologies profile the global affluent segment across multiple countries

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